Laura: I’ve been to some of the most exspensive skin care studios in LA in my attempt to deal with both problem skin and waxing. I was a long-time client of Jasmine’s at Anastasia, and even spent years as a client of Anastasia herself.

Then I found Jan, and Jan is special.

Using her years of experience and desire to be the best at what she does, Jan really analyzes what I need on any given day and adjusts her approach to my treatments accordingly. In the three years that I’ve known Jan, she’s never given me the same facial twice. My skin has never looked better and I’ve never been more confident in my appearence. An added bonus; people are always stunned to find out how old I am, they continually guess at least 7 years younger and I’m certain I owe that to Jan.

On top of all that, she’s whip smart and witty and I look forward to just hanging out with her as much as I look forward to being pampered. So much so that I don’t flinch when she rips the hot wax and hair from all those unmentionable places on my body.

And my eyebrows look fabulous.

Cyndy: I have been a client of Jan for over 16 years! I have never felt like just another appointment but always look forward to my monthly visits with my friend. I am a loyal follower of Jan’s to the point where I am relocating to Riverside County but will still keep up my monthly appointments with Jan. It has to be Jan or no one! Thanks, Jan, for taking care of me for the last 16 years – there is no one better than you!!!

Traci: When I leave Jan’s office after a facial, I feel like my skin has been revitalized, rejuvenated and it just feels really good. My husband even notices the difference and he never notices these types of things. I would recommend Jan to anyone who wants keep their skin looking young.

CJ: Located in a quiet corner of a discreet commercial building is a local treasure known as Jan Davidson Skin Care. This intimate setting lends itself to the personal care and attention you will receive from any of Jan’s services. From the basic brow waxing (Anastasia trained) to the holistic healing facials you will find yourself in better spirits than when you arrived. Jan as at once warm and welcoming as well as technically expert in all areas of skin care. She welcomes all, is in tune with your needs and leaves you feeling better for having been there. I have been a client of Jan for 20 years and now my adult daughters have begun their nourishing skin care practice with Jan. I encourage you to step into the joy of this little refuge.

Jennifer: Simply fabulous. The warmth you feel the moment you walk in the door is tremendous. Jan is a talented and knowledgeable esthetician who makes you feel beautiful. After a visit with Jan, I always walk out happy and glowing!

Clair Jan keeps me looking taller, thinner and younger. Well, OK, just younger, with her facials and eyebrow artistry.

Dalia: I trusted Jan with my face for the past three years and I have always been very pleased of how she treats my skin. I go for a treatment every four weeks and every visit is a little different depending of what is going on with my skin. Jan is always able to determine what she needs to do to rejuvenate and improve my skin. She also takes care of my eyebrows which, by the way, look amazing every time. I highly recommend seeing Jan for facials and eyebrows. You will get great pampering and look great afterwards. Also, she carries awesome skin care products, make-up and brushes.

Robyn: I have known Jan for many years and as I am aging I am once again taking my skin very seriously. Not only has she helped me feel my best, I also bring my teenage daughter to Jan for acne-related facials. Her skin has significantly improved and she feels better about her skin and herself! Thank you Jan for everything!

Kathy: I have been a client of Jan Davidson for over 25 years. I have followed her each time she has relocated because of her professionalism and the quality of her care. In my career as a nurse, people often ask what beauty products I use since my skin always looks so healthy. I always say I owe it to good genes and my aesthetician, Jan Davidson. Now my daughter who lives on the East Coast makes it a priority to have an appointment with Jan whenever she is in town.

Kim: Jan is a personal friend in addition to being my esthetician. She is always warm and engaging no matter what might be going on in her own life. She makes you feel special and she truly cares about you. Her eyebrows are fantastic too!

Megan: Let’s face it, getting waxed is not the most fun one can have in a day. But, somehow, Jan always makes it fun and relaxing. I tend to get so rapped up in chatting that I don’t even realize the work is done. Jan’s work is impeccable and she has created a loyal following in the South Bay.

Lisa: Love this woman and her wonderful professional care! The best in brows and lashes combined with intelligent conversation if you want it! If you want to relax, try a facial with the fabulous products that she uses.
 She gave me a complete makeover for my stepdaughters’ wedding – I really appreciated the update while remaining natural. She has great style!

Jessica: Jan Davidson is a master esthetician with a cozy skincare studio that feels like home. Great facials and perfectly arched brows in a welcoming environment.  She’s got some very talented hairstylist neighbors who can take care of your hair too!

Joan: Going to see Jan D is really like having a mini-vacation.  The music is great, the salon is pretty and sophisticated and Jan is excellent and caring. Her facials are never rote – she evaluates what you need and gives you that and more.  Really great for brows too. You leave feeling elegant and beautiful.

Julie: Get the look without the attitude. 

If you want good-looking, Hollywood-type eyebrows, give Jan D a try. I have been to several different places and I have always gone back to Jan. She is a very sweet lady as well as a great eyebrow stylist.

Mary: Jan has been great. My skin has never looked so good, thanks to her facials, microderm and Ayur-Medic products.

Joan: Jan makes you feel so special. You do not just get the 9 step facial or the oxygen facial or the whatever predetermined facial. She makes your facial yours, specific to you, with however many steps and treatments that you need. The music is great, the atmosphere relaxing, the products are high quality. When you leave, your skin glows and your spirit is serene. Jan makes you feel beautiful, every time without fail.

Patch: Jan Davidson Skin Care is a warm, elegant salon that has been at this location for the past 10 years. She has a 30-year connection to the community and treats her clients like family. Even her dog, a King Charles spaniel, helps clients out by acting as a therapy dog. The salon offers a wide array of beautifying services, and all services are customized to the client.