Upon graduating from the University of Arizona, Jan began her career with a division of Revlon Inc., Borghese. After several years in the corporate world, she decided to take a leap of faith in herself and branch out on her own. Following more than a decade of aesthetic training in the field and classroom, Jan founded Jan Davidson Skin Care. Her love for learning continued, resulting in several certificates and awards in the beauty industry. Jan is certified by top eyebrow mavens such as Anastasia of Beverly Hills and author Robyn Cosio. She is also an IPEC certified life coach.

Jan Davidson has proudly been in the skincare business since 1975.

According to him, Bodhi is the official mascot of Jan Davidson Skin Care. Bodhi, a lovable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, received his Masters in Adorableness from the elite Harvard Canine University. He has been known to provide excellent therapy for our clients, providing unconditional love to those in need. The best part? His services are free (although treats are welcome)!